About Me

Welcome! I’m Brandy Branstetter, personal wealth advisor and founder of Fresh Financial Planning.

I focus my practice on helping people like me: busy, motivated professional and entrepreneurial women who are passionate about realizing their dreams. As a successful professional, entrepreneur, wife, and mother with over 10 years of industry experience I understand what it’s like to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. I get it, life can get hectic! When you’re not kicking ass at work you’re pouring every last drop of energy into being an awesome ____________ (fill in the blank with any or all: wife/mother/sister/friend/caretaker/volunteer/community leader). You want to make smart decisions with your money but don’t have the time or energy to learn everything there is to know about the complex financial world. You need a partner you can trust to simplify your life by providing you the guidance you need to make important financial decisions with confidence. My mission is to empower women to take control over their finances so they can start living the life they love!

When I’m not at the office I’m spending time with my husband and two kids, Alexa and Ethan, doing mom things like coloring and playing at the park. I’m a major sports junky and especially love watching Oklahoma Sooner football. I also love live entertainment – everything from rock concerts to musicals. One of these days I will realize my dream of living on the beach but in the meantime I enjoy exploring new vacation destinations with my husband.

My Story

Before I even made it out of high school I knew I wanted to work in finance. Maybe I saw the movie “Wall Street” and “Working Girl” too many times but I was enamored by the investment world and had every ambition of moving to New York and working on the floor of the NYSE. I continued to pursue my love for investing while attending the University of Tulsa, but quickly realized this Midwest girl had no business moving to the east coast! In 2005 I became a licensed investment professional and started my career working for a few different financial firms learning everything I could about financial planning and investment management. I worked hard and quickly earned the title of Vice President at an independent asset management firm solely responsible for designing and managing investment portfolios for our clients totaling over $100,000,000.

It was during this time that I developed a deeper understanding of innovative wealth management strategies through continuous research of proven (and disproved) methodologies across the industry. While I loved my role, I became disenchanted with the traditional, stuffy financial planning world. I wanted to create a more comprehensive and holistic relationship with my clients that wasn’t centered on product sales and asset minimums. I noticed there was a lack of engagement with our female clients and quickly realized there was a better way to serve these women.

I understand that women want a meaningful relationship, education and an actionable plan from their financial advisor. They want someone that not only helps them achieve portfolio returns, but more importantly, someone who understands their goals in life and wants to see them achieve incredible success.

I offer personal wealth management solutions centered on the idea that your money is a tool that is used to help you live a life you love. I can provide clarity around complex financial topics, help you define meaningful financial goals and create a financial plan that is flexible and easy to follow. And I do it in a way that actually makes sense and leaves you feeling excited about the possibilities of your future. At Fresh Financial Planning women can get the relationship they want, the advice they need and the respect they deserve.

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