3 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

According to a recent FICO report debit card fraud has hit a 20 year high. It is believed that one in 14 people have been affected by debit card fraud within the last 5 years . This type of fraud can range anywhere from a slight annoyance to a major catastrophe.

Unlocking the Mystery Behind Saving For Emergencies

One of the most important steps in creating a life of financial stability is to create an emergency fund. There is nothing fun or exciting about emergency savings; it’s like insurance – boring, but necessary. You can think of an emergency fund as insurance for living life. 

What is an Emergency Fund?

Don't Be Afraid to Celebrate Your Financial Progress

Sometimes saving, planning and being purposeful with your money can feel like a chore. I get it!  That's why I think it's important to reward yourself for your efforts! Take time to celebrate your progress and the hard stuff (saving your cash instead of spending it) starts to become even more rewarding. 

3 Ways Women Can Derail Their Retirement Plan: A List of What Not To Do

Planning for your financial future can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. Because there is so much to consider, it may feel better to just focus on your daily tasks and tell yourself you’ll worry about it later.

Do You Want To Be Better With Your Money? Hire A Coach

In order to achieve long term success you must be disciplined and on task every day. A lot of time we have the best intentions to try and change our behaviors and reach the goals that we have set out for ourselves, but unfortunately holding ourselves accountable is the toughest part, right? This goes for many things in our lives that we strive to achieve.

The Daily Choices of Financial Freedom

If given the choice, most people would choose financial freedom over financial servitude. Who doesn’t want to be financially independent where their money is working for them as opposed to them working for money? The problem for many is that becoming financially independent is something they think about, but hardly visualize as something they can achieve.

Don’t Like Where You are Financially? Change Your Behavior

When people decide that they need to eat healthier or lose weight, they know that they have to change their behavior. That’s easier said than done for most, which is why coaching programs like Weight Watchers and the new 21 Day Fix are so popular; because they provide a system for automatically controlling portions and nutrition.

Understanding Your True Risk Tolerance is Vital to Portfolio Performance

As anyone would have expected, extreme stock market volatility, low interest rates, and economic sluggishness has taken a severe toll on the American psyche.

Saving Money Versus Paying Off Debt

The Keys to Building Wealth

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