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By: Alex Weiss, CFP®

Capital Markets Commentary — Q1 2019

The Planner's Perspective: Overwhelmed by Options

By Paul Morrone CFP®, CPA/PFS, MSA

The term ‘stock options’ is kind of a catch-all to describe a form of incentive compensation usually awarded to a select group of highly compensated employees. Options can come in many forms, which is why there is often a lot of confusion surrounding stock as a form of compensation and what it means to the person receiving it from an ownership and tax standpoint. There are numerous articles which cover these two items in detail, but what is often unaddressed is the financial planning impact of having stock options and what it means from risk, income and asset allocation perspective (the ‘big picture’ stuff).

Global Market Viewpoints: First Quarter 2019

Global stock markets posted their best quarterly performance since 2013. This quarter’s rally was largely a snap back move after a difficult 2018. The rally this quarter was helped by a more accommodative tone from central bankers around the world, global economic data showed improvement (from low expectations) and hopes that a US and China trade deal would be concluded in the near term.

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