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Of course I work with women and men, but I have dedicated my practice to focusing on the priorities that women value most: Education, Communication, Relationship and Flexibility. Many of my clients are part of a couple, and I believe it’s important for both parties to be involved in all financial planning matters even if one person in the couple is predominately responsible.

Most of my clients are dynamic accomplished women, but many are also motivated male professionals that see the importance of taking a “team” approach with their spouse in household finances. They see the need to make sure their wives are involved and comfortable with the family finances even if they are not the ones taking care of things on a day-to-day basis. Fresh Financial Planning best serves motivated professionals (men or women), who see the need for affordable, comprehensive and objective financial planning advice!

It’s easy to only think of a Financial Advisor as someone who will help you with your investments, but for most people, investing is only a piece of the overall financial puzzle. Most people don’t realize hiring a Financial Advisor can be a very good investment for your overall financial success. According to a 2012 survey conducted by the CFP BOARD, "Not only do those with a financial plan feel more confident about their finances - they also report more success, including saving a higher percentage of their income and building greater wealth than non-planners."

Simply put, a Financial Advisor is someone that can help guide you in making the best financial decisions possible to help you reach the goals you’ve set for yourself and your family. Money is a very personal thing. You should work with an Advisor who understand what’s important to you so that they can identify solutions that are in YOUR best interest. An experienced Financial Advisor can draw on experiences of past clients that have faced similar circumstances to formulate a plan that can effectively help you reach your goals. This person could be your best resource in helping you achieve financial success and the ability to live the life you love.  

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Absolutely! Fresh Financial Planning embraces efficient ways to connect with clients all over the country including communication by phone, email and even live online video conferencing. Clients also have access to their very own secure financial dashboard where they can share notes, reports and meeting agendas making communication streamlined and scheduled meetings very productive.

Financial planning and investment advisory services offered through Castlebar Asset Management, LLC a registered investment adviser. 

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