The Fresh Philosophy

The Fresh Philosophy

The Fresh Philosophy is founded on the idea that your money is a tool that is used to help you live a life you love. Financial planning services should be affordable and not focused on product sales or asset minimums. The choice to work with an advisor is a tough one and the decision should be based off of shared beliefs.

I believe:

  • Education is the base of a strong financial foundation. It’s important to gain clarity around complex financial ideas and strategies in order to make important financial decisions with confidence. Clients of Fresh Financial Planning can gain valuable insight and broaden their financial knowledge base by pursuing the website for relevant blog posts, attending informational workshops and of course through one-on-one coaching sessions covering the topics that are most relevant to their unique financial situation.
  • It is important to set meaningful goals that are personal and unique to your life. When clients set meaningful goals it allows them to become focused and deliberate when it comes to their money. Through the Financial Planning Partner program clients not only receive ongoing financial advice, but have a partner by their side helping them stay accountable for their goals so they can use their money to live the life they love.
  • Communication is the key to success in any type of relationship. In order to stay on top of your finances communication must be thorough, proactive and organized. Clients of Fresh Financial Planning have a variety of ways to communicate with their advisor, but understand that email and online conversations can be much more efficient than taking time off work to meet at the office. While face to face meetings are very much welcomed: my goal is to help simplify your life not make it more complicated. Through the use of technology clients have access to their very own secure personal financial dashboard where they can share notes, reports and meeting agendas between one another making communication streamlined and meetings very productive.
  • A relationship with a financial professional should be based off of objective financial advice. Everyone deserves the opportunity to have unbiased financial planning advice regardless of your current net worth. That is why there are no minimum asset requirements in order to become a client of Fresh Financial Planning. Clients are only required to have the desire and motivation to work toward achieving their personal financial success.  

Financial planning and investment advisory services offered through Castlebar Asset Management, LLC a registered investment adviser. 

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